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Warns America With Shocking Images He Placed In A

Heart  Shaped  Tree That Fell Valentines Eve!  And 

Further With Images On A Stunning Rock Found

On July 4  2021  Sharing Much The  Same.

And Has Warned In Many Other Ways.

It Is Either Repentance Or Ruin.

What Will Americans Do?

And Religions Do?


The Image

 Filled Tree Of



Watch The Two Minute Video Below For Details!

Note The Wolf And Dragon Or Serpent Ready To Devour The Eagle (America).

(Images Are Clarified In The Above Video And The Animation Below)


The Above

Wolf And Eagle

Image Is In This Tree Which Fell Valentines Eve



The  Non Religious And Religious In America.

And Especially With Regards To BOTH

Debauchery And Suppressions About Valentine's Issues.

GOD not only has vividly shown both a WOLF AND DRAGON ready to devour the EAGLE (America).  But with that striking warning, has blended a vivid warning about debauchery and anarchy surrounding Valentines issues.  And yes, God just as well with many miraculous manners has rebuked painful religious suppressions about beauty and romance.  God is tired of stifling religious dogma stemming from the doctrines of devils that forbade marriage, just as well as He is tired of people casting away healthy and needed moral law and debauchery.  God's laws about Valentines issues are intended to further and preserve secure family units with happy and pleased, rather than frustrated partners and children.  While BOTH suppressive errors and lawless errors about the subject, destroy His good plan.  God's commandments are not grievous, nor does He withhold any good thing.  Nevertheless not all is good, and  God in the below images vividly warns America about sexual manners that are not healthy or family friendly, and rather are unclean and abominable.  For more see . 

God Greatly  Cares About Beauty And Sexuality

For More See


  In the below images God has painted a pig's eye focusing on a woman's rear, likely showing what God thinks of anal sexuality.  And even further God painted a wolf which actually has what could be an anal sex toy for it's very nose.  And while the wolf with such a a nose is biting an Eagle's Beak which points out America under such a foul nose!   What blunt, meaningful, and miraculous images!

  But Do Remember Abominations Are Not Confined To Faulty Sexual Matters!

Jesus actually said that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God. Men

too often proudly look to and trust one another rather than look to God which is an abomination in itself.  

 Not All Sexual Manners Are Good,  And God Is Warning America!

   God not only is tired of all kinds of errors surrounding Valentines issues, but further is tired of people having locked minds and closed eyes, and therewith big defensive mouths, as He has shown in another stunning image He painted in the Valentines Tree.  See the astonishing image above and to the far right, and which shows how closed many people are!  And God certainly is not only warning America about having locked minds and closed eyes and big mouths, but others as well!  The heart tree has up to 50 unique and meaningful images.  See the special video at which points out many of them.  

God Uniquely Demonstrates How Sexual Errors 

Adding Error To Error Often Seek To Stand On ABORTIONS As Well.  

God amazingly presented the woman, with a pigs eye on her rear, as also having a an abortion tool (a uterine curette) as her foot.   This vividly showing how sexual errors, adding error to error often seek to stand on abortions as well.  For a very long time I wondered why the woman's foot was shaped as a circle as it is, until one day God's message forcibly struck me.  Her very foot as a uterine curette powerfully symbolizes standing on abortions! Even further the PIGS eye is on the woman's rear and while it very nose on the Uterine Curette.  Anal sex and abortions relating to lawless sex are both unclean (pig) and both portrayed and vividly rebuked here.

God's Warnings To America

Related Dreams And Thunderbolt

Below are given two personal dreams with a special

warning.  And further is given a stunning thunderbolt event

which God sent to confirm His warnings about a crash to come

  The No Gatherings Till A Destruction Dream

    In this dream there was a LARGE BEAR out in a distant field and as we went out to see it, the bear ascended upwards into the clouds and as it ascended disintegrated and became a cloud of dark smoke. Then the shocking words "there will be no gatherings till I burn their hives" was written in the smoky cloud issuing from the BEAR.  I firmly believe the core meaning of the dream likely is there will be no real gathering of God's people or a real revival till a destruction of some kind occurs.  In another dream I seen a special religious gathering and good change occurring during a bitter food shortage. God wants to instigate a revival, which is the good side of the issue, and may we repent and be revived without the destruction!  

   The Benjamin Franklin In Coffin Dream

  In another dream Benjamin Franklin crawled into a coffin although he could hardly get into it. The lid was shut and the coffin then carried, but somehow they dropped the coffin. Benjamin Franklin then tried to get out of the coffin and tried to stand up again, but now could not because now he was too weak and could only drag himself across the floor.  After the dream I found out Benjamin Franklin had a vital part in writing the Declaration Of Independence and that Franklin also was sort of a prankster!  The dream certainly fits our very time, and with the above image of the Eagle in a Wolf's mouth.  

The Phenomenal Thunder Bolt Confirming The Upcoming Crash 

      God in various ways showed me a coming crash.  And at a special point in my life when I began to somewhat question if the crash would ever come, God confirmed the crash to me in a powerful way. I because of thinking a crash was coming never wanted to get very involved with any major business undertaking, but in about 2004 my son purchased a business and needed a shop and I felt I needed to build a quite large shop. Thus I went to the lumber yard very much wondering about my expectations of a crash, and somewhat wondering if I was misled in expecting a great crash of some kind. With these thoughts closely by me, while at the counter making my material order suddenly a tremendous bolt of thunder struck, greatly startling all of us, and causing the lady behind the counter to jerk and spill her coffee over herself.  I don't think we seen lightning.  But it was a tremendous bolt of thunder and further there was none other before or after. I did not tell the people in the office what I had been thinking about, but the next day or so when I returned a man at the desk asked me if I brought the thunder along again, and further said he would not forget it for a long time.  

Conclusions And The Window Of Hope And Blessing

    Yes the crash certainly will come, unless people repent as needed (as did Nineveh), and which certainly involves opening eyes rather than defensive mouths.  Thank God that in the midst of whatever may come God will  have a special care over those who do repent and seek Him.  And even further if the crash (burning) indeed must come because of no repentance, through it many will repent and a special revival and gathering follow (as the above dream pointed out), and which in reality would make the crash and burning a blessing.  At the best we must admit someday we all must die, thus while we live may we find that true Godliness which has promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.  And if it takes a crash and burning for us to find that true Godliness, a crash as we naturally don't want, actually would be a very beneficial.   

   And yes for many years, I Amos Bender, have been expecting many hard to believe things things to occur, including many good things and good changes.  And which many and good things may not occur without a burning or crash of some kind occurs to shake people to their senses and to open closed eyes.  

"Amos, It Won't Be Long Now, Things Will  Happen

So Fast Your Head Will Swim, One Thing After The Other!"

This And Much More Is Empathically Spoken In The Below Video.

    This Was Prophetically Spoken By Those Who At The Time Likely Did Not Even Know What Amos They Were Speaking To.  Prior to declaring the above numerous pastors seemed a bit in question about the prophecy and sharing it.  But they chose to speak out anyway.  Nevertheless issues about this prophecy (and prophecies shortly prior) amazingly fitted my life and situation.  In this Prophetic message given near Detroit Michigan it was vehemently said a tsunami of power is coming to Michigan, while uniquely over two years before the prophecy I had created the below FIRE AND PIPELINE MAP showing as it were great fuel for revival extending to the very area of their Michigan meeting.  The prophecy also spoke of the veil of false religion being ripped off of the region, and which interestingly includes the most densely populated and likely most outstanding Moslem region in America.  And while therewith the GLORIOUS AND MIRACLE SATURATED MESSAGE the pipeline carries, pertains to ripping off the ancient darkness which has cruelly crushed women's God given and intended glory.  Yes many religious people need a tsunami of powerful truth (which Jesus spoke of setting free), to set them free from ALL harsh and dark branches related to the doctrine of Devils that disallowed marriage.  And yes to set them free from many other errors as well!  Actually in the months before the image filled tree fell on Valentines Eve (and blocking a church driveway I had much concerns about), I had been passionately praying religious errors would fall as tall dead trees.  And even further was especially thinking of oppressions about the Valentines subject and which issues the fire and pipeline extending to Detroit vividly speak to!   For more see,,, and as well as related sites.   

   If America and others ignore God's great abundance of miracles as shared here, on related sites, and the video, it would appear God who is not mocked certainly is justified in bringing whatever crash or burning He chooses upon our closed eyed land and world.  Yes justified in allowing the WOLF AND DRAGON, which He has amazingly shown to devour the EAGLE.   Yes the religious as well as the non religious, too often have their minds locked and eyes closed, and therewith big defensive mouths just like in the image God painted in the Valentines Tree, and God is tired of it!

God Also Is Warning America About Witches And Witchcraft!

Not Only Is The Eagle's Beak In A Wolf's Mouth, But In Another

View The Eagle's Beak Is Actually A Witch's Nose!

Are Witches And Witchcraft Attacking America In 2021?

Are Witches And Witch Doctors Presently Seeking To Rule America? 

And Further

A Witch!

Yes God In His Love Is Warning Our America And Our World!

And  Is  Amazingly Exposing The Serpent And Devil!

God Also Painted This Combined Image Of Both The

Serpent And Devil Within The Valentines Tree!  

The Bible speaks of the man of sin, which certainly could mean the devil,

being revealed before the end!  And may we open our eyes lest

we never do see even when he is revealed! 

Non Edited

Then Edited

And GOD'S MIRACLES Just Don't Stop!  Explore the

related sites below which share many other and related miracles.

Shares Vivid Warnings For America As Given By Others, And Much More!

God Not Only Warns America But Also Warns The Church!

   This site pertains to a massive rock blasted out of the ground and almost striking a Church.  AND THIS AT THE VERY TIME of a special prayer being made by a prayer team on my behalf and regarding both my humanitarian and religious efforts which I strongly felt were buried like a massive rock buried in our front lawn and needing to spring forth.  Yes God is warning the church as well as America and is very serious about it!  God certainly wants solid rock truth to spring forth and to revive the church.  Jesus rebuked some saying, "Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.  May churches rather passionately seek truth, and let go of all mistaken and misleading traditions, and only promote God's healthy and good laws, and doctrines based on solid rock truth.  Jesus actually spoke of GOD'S ROCK falling on and grinding to powder those who refuse to fall on it, while the warning rock on the right uniquely declares the very same to churches with locked minds and closed eyes who refuse to fall upon solid rock truth.

Part 2 of this site speaks of numerous religious errors that need addressed.

   Shares 40 websites I created over the years in my concern for truth, and while digging for solid rock truth.  Digging for truth that seemed to be mostly buried like this massive rock uniquely buried in our front lawn, yes being directly in front of our front door and near the road with only a tip visible.  And yes I found many things in my dig for truth that totally astonished me, and which for far too long have been buried, and which need brought out of the ground and shared with everyone down the road.   If our pride and religion makes us afraid of solid rock truth as God brings it out of the ground and down our road or to our church, we would do well to rather be afraid of our pride and religious errors!  When solid rock truth approaches the church (as the above resurrected rock miraculously demonstrates), it will either bring change and repentance, or at last and in the end grind to powder.  Although solid rock truth will not please the agenda and traditions of many, and many might stumble at it, that does not mean it is not solid rock truth. Jesus rather spoke of the stone which the builders rejected becoming the head of the corner, and which issue I possibly thought of too much in my many years of research and rejection, and as I pondered this massive rock so uniquely buried in our lawn etc.  And finally may Christ and God's solid rock truth become the head of the corner rather than any man or religious system!

And In Conclusion What Will God Finally Do With Both Religious And Non Religious Ones, If They Continue On With Locked Minds And Closed

Eyes And Big Mouths, Rather Than Heeding His Many Warnings?  

  It is high time for America to open its eyes and humble itself and  focus on repentance, rather than speaking of how great America is and trying to build luxurious things, or likely everything we build will be ruined anyhow, and much more.

Almost Hits Church At A Meaningful Time

Massive Rock Almost Totally Buried At Our Home

Click For Large View 

Trying To Dig It Out

Many Have Warned Of This!

  God certainly has warned America showing His great concern about it. And therewith how does God deal with all the nations about the world, and yes fit into their wars, their security forces, and politics? And therewith how should Christians in all nations about the world while seeking to be in the perfect will of God relate to their nation's wars, security forces, and politics? Just how does God look at soldiers, police officers, and political leaders in the Christian era? The website exposes various issues that likely will cause soldiers among the nations to question in a new way whether their act of killing any or all of the enemies of their nation is actually pleasing to God. The site also shares issues that likely will cause those who feel police officers, soldiers, and political leaders can never be fully within God's will in the Christian era to also see things a bit differently and a bit more leniently. May God help us find His way in these issues! 


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